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Joanne has published more than 2,500 articles and was award recipient of the 1990 Woman of the Year for Beaver County, Pennsylvania, for her accomplishments and excellence in journalism and to the community. Her co-authored book, “Unforgettable Journey,” won fifth place in the Grand Beginnings romance contest. An excerpt from her WIP, “Unearthed,” placed her fifth in the Absolute Write Idol contest. Most recently, her essay, “Perseverance,” is published in the Stories of Strength anthology in which 100% of the profits are donated to disaster relief charities. Her most recent articles were published in ByLine Magazine, Writer's Digest, AbsoluteWrite.com, and Moondance.org. She has a monthly freelance writing column at Absolutewrite.com. Currently, she is the sole caregiver for her 85-year-old mother.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

So Much To Do In So Little Time

October is gone and I’m not ready for November to be here! Real life with Mom and the month long KIA writing marathon left me wondering where October had gone. Here we are, one hour into the month of November, and I’m already dizzy.

Click here to order your copy today.

The Stories of Strength anthology will be ready for purchase today through Lulu. The official press release has been posted and bookmarks and posters are available and I’m out of ink. ARGGG!!!

I have to run to Office Depot and get color ink and additional card stock, get online in the morning and purchase my copy of Stories of Strength and order extras for gifts. Still need to write my local press releases, and then make copies of posters and bookmarks to distribute to local libraries. But before I do all that, I must send a few blurbs from my review of The Pacific Between, to my wonderful friend Raymond Wong, so he can finish his press release for his book, which will be released by Behler Publications in January 2006.

Of course I need to type the review into my computer first. It’s handwritten at the moment. Love you, Ray. You're a great friend. Honest, I’ll get this to you before noon.

After all of the above, I must get my butt in my chair, either in front of my desktop or with laptop in lap, and start writing. I joined the NaNoWriMo this year in order to transform lots of handwritten notes for Unearthed into novel form. I have the book idea, character names and plenty of motivation. One thought, back in March, turned into 700 words for the initial entry of the Absolute Write Idol contest. Since then, I’ve jotted down 19 pages of notes for the book Unearthed. Now it’s time to write it!

If I’m lucky, time will be on my side this month and I’ll make the 50,000 words by the end of November. Somewhere in between taking care of Mom and writing, I have to continue to publicize Stories of Strength, send out The Pacific Between book review, write my monthly columns, make sure I don’t forget my granddaughter’s sixth birthday and celebrate my birthday. Oh yeah, I have to get some Christmas shopping done, too!

HA! Let’s see what this month’s progress reports will bring.

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Anonymous Frank said...

That's quite a list Joanne.

Um, don't forget "read Frank's column."


11/01/2005 10:00 PM  
Blogger Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Just opened my e-mail, found your column waiting for me, and read it, Frank. Okay, you hooked me and made me cry, all in the same reading. What a beautiful tribute to Jenna and the Stories of Strength anthology. I'll look forward to receiving your newsletter on a regular basis.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;)

11/01/2005 10:37 PM