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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Google--Stick to Your Google Guns!

The recent subpoena of Google’s records has my head spinning. I loathe politics, but what I loathe more is a political figure using his power of office to put himself a step above the law. How far are “we the people” going to allow the government to probe into our personal business? And what the hell happened to our Constitutional rights?

Who does Bush think he is? First he illegally spies on American citizens without seeking a legal court order to wiretap phones, and now he has his cronies demanding search engine records from Google supposedly to shield minors from pornography.

Mac had this on her blog supporting Google.

Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL should be ashamed of themselves for relinquishing such records and opening the door for our first amendment rights to be stomped on.

What happened to fighting for the right not to divulge ones sources? Is there no one left in this world who would sit in jail to protect his constitutional rights?

Three cheers to Google for rebuffing the administration’s demands of search engine records.

Does anyone think that Bush wiretapped phones and wants Google records for the reasons he’s stating? I think he’s overstepped the padding of his Presidential seat. Do you think for one minute that once he gets away with this there won’t be additional demands that follow?

Next these slick and slippery politicians will be walking in your front doors, emptying your dresser drawers to see what kind of underwear you wear and make up an equally lame excuse for invading your privacy.

Of course, I suppose it doesn’t really matter if the Bush administration followed legal means for spying on Americans. The court order would have only been another piece of paper to slip under a new piece of paper that would replace it down the road for something new they want to stick their nose in. History repeats itself. Government says its helping “the people” whenever it wants to benefit itself.

Sure you can trust the government to use these records for only what they stated. Ask any Indian.

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