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Joanne has published more than 2,500 articles and was award recipient of the 1990 Woman of the Year for Beaver County, Pennsylvania, for her accomplishments and excellence in journalism and to the community. Her co-authored book, “Unforgettable Journey,” won fifth place in the Grand Beginnings romance contest. An excerpt from her WIP, “Unearthed,” placed her fifth in the Absolute Write Idol contest. Most recently, her essay, “Perseverance,” is published in the Stories of Strength anthology in which 100% of the profits are donated to disaster relief charities. Her most recent articles were published in ByLine Magazine, Writer's Digest, AbsoluteWrite.com, and Moondance.org. She has a monthly freelance writing column at Absolutewrite.com. Currently, she is the sole caregiver for her 85-year-old mother.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

AW Monday Meme #9 -- The Blogiversary Meme

Dawno told us to time travel this week in Meme #9. We’re going back in time to the first post of our blog. My Blogiversary is this month, and I didn’t even know it!

Here’s the meme. Below it, I’ll tell you more.

Go to your archives and find your first post.
What was the date of that post?
Tell us (or excerpt from it) what it was about.
If you remember why you decided to start a blog and want to share that, please post that as well.
You might want to collect some blogiversary dates and wish folks Happy Blogiversary when it comes around. Folks who use the technorati tag make it easier for us to find them

February 6, 2005 was my first blog post.
OMG, Dawno! Thank you! I hadn’t realized I’ve been blogging for a year until you posted this meme. Wow, and what a year!

I decided to start a blog to get my writing juices flowing again, talk about writing, my progress, and whatever really great things might be happening with my writing career. I had planned using my blog to post my daily writing prompts and the results of those prompts. Well, I did all that, just not in my first post.

My very first post was a reprint of my essay “Perseverance."

I wanted those who came to my blog to get a taste of my writing style and, at the same time, get to know me. My second post was another piece of my writing. I began my third post with a writing prompt. Then, I got into discussing what was going on with my writing at that time. After I read my first week of posts, I chuckled. It wasn’t so funny a year ago. :D Everything seemed to be falling apart. My writing partner and I weren’t seeing eye-to-eye when we were editing our manuscript. Just when we worked things out and I made time to get back into writing, my life and living arrangements changed.

A lot has happened and changed since that first post. I entered the Absolute Write Idol contest. I was a finalist and ended placing fifth. Writing each week in the contest kept me motivated. My writing partner and I have a much better understanding of each other, but unfortunately she’s still waiting for me to get my life back so we can get on with our book.

A few things have not changed since that post last year: Writing is still my life, and I continue to persevere.

Happy Blogiversary everyone.


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Blogger Frank Baron said...

Happy Blogiversary Joanne!

I came late to blogging. (Why did I just hear a chorus of sarcastic comments from the women in my life?)

Anyway. It'll be several months before I celebrate mine.

Let's hope we're still around to celebrate out Silver Blogiversaries. :)

2/21/2006 1:52 PM  
Blogger Joanne D. Kiggins said...

I'll join you with a cup of tea for that toast! My hair will reach silver status before my blog, though. :D

2/21/2006 8:27 PM  
Blogger Dawno said...

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing, it's wonderful to see where you've been and what you've accomplished - you are an inspiration. ((hugs))

2/25/2006 5:53 PM  
Blogger Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Thanks, Dawno. I look forward to the Monday memes. You always pick such great subjects.

2/26/2006 1:29 AM